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I use to be an over worked, over stressed, 'up in my head', high achieving scientist. My life seemed successful yet I felt stifled. I knew I was meant for something more but not sure what it was. I was stuck in old ways of thinking about myself and about life. I was denying my emotions, my feminine power, and living up to other peoples expectations of me instead of following my intuition.  

I overcame my stuck-ness through yoga, meditation and life coaching. I connected with my inner wisdom and my heart-path. Through the support of my life coach I created a vision and a plan to follow my heart-path. With that vision and plan I was able to take the scary and courageous steps necessary to manifest my dreams.

On that journey I uncovered my internal stumbling blocks, energy drains and noticed how I was giving my power away to things/people outside of me. Through my journey, I created tools, exercise and simple step by step processes that got me through the sticky-icky stuff and kept me connected to my intuition and inner wisdom. 

Since 2004 I’ve been sharing my simple, effective guided meditations, tips and tools with heart-centered women like you so that you can be empowered to step into that bigger dream you have for yourself.

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More deets:

I have a master's degree as a Geophysicist from UC Berkeley. I am a registered yoga teacher (RYT) with Yoga Alliance. I am a solution focused, professional Erickson College trained life coach (www.erickson.edu), hold an ACC certification from the International Coaching Federation and am a graduate of North West School of Earth Medicine.

I currently live at the beautiful Oregon Coast with my husband and two darling cats.

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Rena Hatch, Intuitive Life Strategist
Rena Hatch, Intuitive Life Strategist
Hi I'm Rena Hatch, MS, RYT, the 'Get Unstuck' Coach and yoga teacher. I will help you stretch beyond stuck!
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