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Awaken Your Inner Light!

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Have more energy + built in me-time. Practice meditation. Stay on track with your goals.
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Awaken Your Inner Light!
Want more Me-Time? Less Stressful holidays, More Purpose in the New Year? Want to increase the creativity and healing in your life?

The truth is you don't have enough energy to do it all or enough time to slow down and focus on just you and your dreams. Right?

And, you and I both know that drinking a latte to energize and a glass of wine to relax are temporary solutions that don’t work in the long term.

So....I created an affordable online class that will give you built in me-time and strategies for more energy.

Awaken Your Inner Light!

Learn easy ways to do meditation and other healing practices!

I made it super-affordable so there is no excuse to not give this yourself. Okay?

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You'll get:

  • A step-by-step plan - for more energy + me-time.
  • Sacred Self Commitment Poster - Remember YOU!
  • Guided meditation - Start meditating regularly.
  • Coaching Support, guidance and answers.
  • Worksheets - Track progress. Prepare for new year!
  • Conference calls - Nov. + Dec. to De-Stress for the holidays.
  • Access to all calls - Can't make the calls? No problem! Recordings to listen at your leisure.
  • Plus weekly support (for 6 weeks) starts in Jan. 2015
  • Membership to BeyondStuck Club - Special rates on by-phone private sessions + Coaching Packages.

Give youself the gift of support and built-in me-time!

You are worth it!
Invest in you for $97 (includes everything)
Be your most Amazing Sacred Self.

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Choose to invest in You and Your Future Self for $97

Choose to invest in You and Your Future Self 
Regularly $97 On special for $67!

Choose to invest in You and Your Future Self 
Regularly $97 On special for $67!
Awaken Your Inner Light!
One Investment of $97

One payment for months of support (starts as soon as you register) - plus 6 week class that starts in Jan 2015!
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Invest in ongoing support: $97

If you want affordable ongoing support, join the Awaken Your Inner Light Class. I'll be sharing inspiration, a guided meditation, intuitive strategies, worksheets and conference calls to empower you to live with less stress, more purpose, healing and balance! Read my story here: About Rena

Rena Hatch
Rena Hatch, Intuitive Life Strategist
"I love the strategies that help me on my soul journey and heart path. It offers me things to come back to during the day so I can move forward and not get stuck. It gives me the tools I need to continue on this journey of me, simply being me.~Renee Gayhart, Mom and Tribal Health Program Manager, Juneau, AK.

"My mindset is completely different and I feel amazing.Thank you" ~Kathleen Epperson, Independent Consultant with Bioceutica, Dover, NH, www.bioceutica.com/Kathleen

"I had a feeling of hopefulness during the exercise. My bite size action for today is today is to remember that every moment is important!" ~Laura Peloso Smith, A Woman Evolving and Proud Nonna, Mastic, NY

"One of my insights was when I surrender to trust (or love) I am at my best,  I am in flow and I become a great manifest-er." ~Carol Robinson, InSight Life Coaching, Vernon, BC

“Through Rena’s coaching, I’ve been able to access the tools and resources to go within to access my inner  joy and my own  Inner Goddess.” ~Goddess Coral Heron, Masterpiece Life Coaching, Burnaby, B.C.

"With Rena's guidance, .... I have had more energy overall and have been more productive without tiring myself out too much - which is wonderful!" ~Lana Barry, Goddess, Mother, Wife, Author, Portland, OR