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Stop Stress + Manifest Your Dreams 
5 Quick N Easy Steps to Balance + Calm for the Busy, Heart-Centered Woman with No Time to Unwind.

Guided Meditation + Visualization
guided meditation
5 Steps to DeStress and Manifest! 12 minute audio that includes guided relaxation and visualization. Find peace and balance (even when stressed) and learn the art of visualization - key to manifesting your dreams.

DeStress-Manifest Guided Meditation $7.95
DeStress-n-Manifest Private Session
Stop self-sabotage. Let go of what's not working. Be guided through my powerful ALLOW steps.
Leave the session with: Insights on what's keeping you stuck, a way to release negative feelings/thoughts, more peace of mind and success-focused action steps! 45 minutes via phone.
Limited sessions available.
DeStress-n-Manifest Private Session $175

Limited sessions available. You will receive a worksheet and schedule your session on my online calendar after you complete payment.

FREE Meditation Workbook Kit
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Rena Hatch
Rena Hatch, the Get Unstuck Coach
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“I've found myself practicing your "ALLOW" method lately...and wow! It really does work to release & shift. I love it!” ~Ruth Lembo, Actress and Social Worker, New York, NY
My mindset is completely different and I feel amazing.Thank you" ~Kathleen Epperson, Independent Consultant with Bioceutica, Dover, NH,

"I had a feeling of hopefulness during this exercise. My bite size action for today is today is to remember that every moment is important!" ~Laura Peloso Smith, A Woman Evolving and Proud Nonna, Mastic, NY

"One of my insights today was when I surrender to trust (or love) I am at my best,  I am in flow and I become a great manifester." Carol Robinson, InSight Life Coaching, Vernon, BC
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