Stretch Beyond StuckTM Guided Meditations
Feeling stuck, overwhelmed, stressed?
Download a guided meditation and feel all better.
Soothing Ocean Guided Meditation
Quick guided meditation to transport you to the soothing place of the ocean side.
Reconnect to your center.
You'll feel renewed and calm instantly.
Download instantly. Listen on your computer or mp3 player.

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Soothing Ocean Guided Meditation $2.95
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"Rena exudes a peaceful confidence and warmth that makes me feel very comfortable working with her." Erin Floresca, writer, Portland, OR
"By the end of the session, I got a chance to really come away with not only important insights, but tangible actions and tools to transform a challenge into a goal." Lois Barth, Luscious Living Lady, Coach/Speaker/Writer, 
More Guided Meditations to be added to this page soon.

For now visit for more guided mediations and audio programs.