Stretch Beyond StuckTM Sanctuary
(previously the Goddess Club)
Support and inspiration for busy, self aware women
who give a lot to others (healers, artists, natural givers, mothers, nurturers, etc.) who need more 'self time' ...

Visit the Sanctuary for:

  • Rena's step-by-step tools to stay focused, calm and radiant
  • Get recordings of past  "Stretch Into YOU" calls here: call 
  • Highly valuable online coaching support from Rena (worth $100s).
  • Transformational tools (in yoga, coaching, earth medicine, and more).

"I look forward to the time with Rena on our calls, knowing that a guaranteed shift will be taking place." Katie Todd, Artist, Energy
Worker, Pilates Instructor, and Mother, Portland, OR,
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"One of my insights today was  when I surrender to trust (or love) I am at my best,  I am in flow and I become a great manifester." Carol Robinson, InSight Life Coaching, Vernon, BC
"With the support of Rena I have found harmony.  I highly recommend contacting Rena if you want to reveal and live the goddess within you!!"
Andrea Bown, Lifestyle Expert, Alberta, Canada,
"I was looking back into the last year and realized you and your work were a major catalysis to the drastic changes.Thank you for being who you are and providing guidance toward Women." Adeah Wetzel, Small Business Owner, Anchorage, AK,
“Through Rena’s coaching, I’ve been able to access the tools and resources to go within to access my inner  joy and my own  Inner Goddess.” Goddess Coral Heron, Masterpiece Life Coaching, Burnaby, B.C.