Specials for Less Stress More Purpose + Manifest Your Dreams 
Be your most amazing self NOW. Be even more successful when you invest in YOUTake action now!
Activation Session: Ignite Your Dreams!
45 minute session by phone to activate your personal power, intuition and clarity in any area of your life.
Leave the session with:
1. Intuitive strategies to manifest what you DO want (more health, more balance, more success, more purpose, more confidence, etc.) 
2. Insights and guidance on what is blocking you and getting in your way.
3. Clear action steps.
So you can get it done with less stress and more purpose. Move forward with confidence!
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Activation Session
(usually $150) $97 special ($76 for Heart Path Members!)

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Get a Life Lift - Email Advice  $35/month 
Affordable coaching! Email me once per month about how you are stuck or whatever you want guidance and support on.
I'll send you success-focused solutions, action steps and intuitive advice to move you out of being stuck and into more purpose and success.
Feel more balanced, peaceful, self-assured and in control of your life! 
Limited spots!
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Get a Life Lift

Guided Meditation + Visualization
5 Steps to DeStress and Manifest! Retrain your mind to be a powerful, peaceful and positive manifest-er. (12 minute recording that includes guided relaxation and visualization.) Feel balanced and peace in any situation and practice the art of visualization (key to manifestation!).
DeStress-Manifest Guided Meditation $7.95 on special!
FREE workbook meditation kit
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Rena Hatch, Intuitive Life Strategist
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“I appreciate your advice and look forward to the good tips.  This is really helping me see things clearer. I'm much more aware of what I WANT and what I'm capable of doing vs what I used to feel like I should do.” ~Renee Gayhart, Mom, Tribal Health Program Manager, Juneau, AK.

"It's so simple, quick and powerful." ~Ruth Lembo, Actress and Social Worker, New York, NY

"One of my insights today was when I surrender to trust (or love) I am at my best,  I am in flow and I become a great manifester." Carol Robinson, InSight Life Coaching, Vernon, BC