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Quick N Easy Steps to Unleash your Inner Power, Create Peace of Mind, Destress-n-manifest your dreams!
The 5 Traps that keep you stuck + 6 Steps to Stop Self-Sabotage.

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Stop Self-Sabotage - FREE recording

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Affordable Monthly Class via Phone
Stop Self Sabotage Class $47/mo
1st Monday each month at 12 noon PT.
May - Oct 2013
Affordable coaching to Stop Self-Sabotage!
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Create peace of mind. Get Unstuck. Manifest what you REALLY want. Have balance and focus.
Don't let bad habits get in your way of personal success. Learn how to stop sabotaging yourself.

Invest in affordable coaching - with this class - Stop Self Sabotage!
Monthly calls via phone (get the recordings too) of quick-n-easy tips-n-tools on how to stop doing the things that are keeping you stuck.

Over all 6 Classes You'll learn How to
  • Do the 6 Steps to Stop Self Sabotage.
  • Stop Draining Your Power.
  • Have a Plan that works.
  • Quit Comparing, Criticizing and Complaining.
  • Stop Worry and Use Visualization Powerfully.
  • Overcome Inaction and Procrastination.
  • And tons more!

Over all 6 Sessions You'll Get:
  • Recording of all calls - can't make the 12noon calls? no problem. Listen at your leisure.
  • Coaching and individual support to help you with your unique challenges.
  • Worksheets to follow along with during the calls.
  • Extras between calls - tips, tools, guided visualizations, and more to keep you on track!
  • Membership to BeyondStuck Club - special rates on single, private Get Unstuck sessions by phone and on Get Unstuck Coaching Packages!

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So affordable! Isn't your peace of mind worth at least $12/week?

p.s. Ready for powerful changes? Get the deluxe option with 1 private, by-phone coaching session with me each month!

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Rena Hatch
Rena Hatch, the Get Unstuck Coach
I phoned in and I am grateful. My mindset is completely different and I feel amazing.Thank you" ~Kathleen Epperson, Independent Consultant with Bioceutica, Dover, NH,
"It's so simple, quick and powerful." ~Ruth Lembo, Actress and Social Worker, New York, NY

"I had a feeling of hopefulness during this exercise. My bite size action for today is today is to remember that every moment is important!" ~Laura Peloso Smith, A Woman Evolving and Proud Nonna, Mastic, NY

"One of my insights today was when I surrender to trust (or love) I am at my best,  I am in flow and I become a great manifester." Carol Robinson, InSight Life Coaching, Vernon, BC